Streptomyces caeruleus – NBRC 14455

Streptomyces sp

Streptomyces caeruleus

NBRC No. NBRC 14455
Scientific Name of this Strain Actinoalloteichus cyanogriseus Tamura et al. 2000
Synonymous Name
Synonym: Streptomyces caeruleus
Type Strain type
History IFO 14455 <- AS 4.1159 <- IMAS (Z.-H. Liu, Y388)
Other Culture Collection No. AS 4.1159=DSM 43889=JCM 6095=NRRL B-16252=CIP 106755
Other No. Y388
Rehydration Fluid 707
Medium 266
Cultivation Temp. 28 C
Source of Isolation Soil
Locality of Source
Country of Origin
Biosafety Level
Mating Type
Genetic Marker
Plant Quarantine No.
Animal Quarantine No.
Herbarium No.
Comment  Caerulomycin
References 636,1434
Sequences 16S rDNA