Môi trường JCM 13

Medium data

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Lab-lemco powder (Oxoid)  3.0     g
Proteose peptone No. 3 (BD-Difco)  10.0     g
Trypticase peptone (BD-BBL)  5.0     g
Phytone peptone (BD-BBL)  3.0     g
Yeast extract (BD-Difco)  5.0     g
Liver extract (see below)  150.0     ml
Glucose  10.0     g
Soluble starch  0.5     g
Solution A (see below)  10.0     ml
Solution B (see below)  5.0     ml
Tween 80  1.0     g
Bacto agar (BD-Difco)  15.0     g
5% L-Cysteine·HCl·H2O solution  10.0     ml
Horse blood  50.0     ml
Distilled water  825.0     ml

Adjust pH to 7.2.
To prepare liver extract, put 10 g liver powder in 170 ml water, keep at 50 to 60C for 1 hr, boil for 5 min, adjust pH to 7.2 and filter.
Solution A:

K2HPO4  10.0     g
KH2PO4  10.0     g
Distilled water  100.0     ml

Solution B:

MgSO4·7H2O  4.0     g
NaCl  0.2     g
FeSO4·7H2O  0.2     g
MnSO4·xH2O  0.2     g
Distilled water  100.0     ml

Mix ingredients except horse blood and adjust pH to 7.2. After autoclaving, cool to 50C, and aseptically add 50.0 ml of horse blood.
Comment: Commercial BL agar (Nissui) is also available.