Cronobacter sakazakii – NBRC 102416

Cronobacter sakazakii – NBRC 102416
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Cronobacter sakazakii - Enterobacter sakazakii

Cronobacter sakazakii

NBRC No.NBRC 102416
Scientific Name of this StrainCronobacter sakazakii (Farmer et al. 1980) Iversen et al. 2008
Synonymous Name
Synonym:Enterobacter sakazakii
Type Straintype
HistoryIAM 12660 <- ATCC 29544 <- J.J. Farmer (Enterobacter flavus) <- Tennessee State Health Dept. <- Primary Hospital Lab.
Other Culture Collection No.ATCC 29544=BCRC 13988=CCUG 14558=CECT 858=CIP 103183=DSM 4485=HUT 8109=IAM 12660=KCTC 2949=LMG 5740=JCM 1233=NCTC 11467=NBRC 105698
Other No.CDC 4562-70=CDC 78-067947
Rehydration Fluid702
Cultivation Temp.30 C
Source of IsolationChild’s throat
Locality of Source
Country of Origin
Biosafety Level
Mating Type
Genetic Marker
Plant Quarantine No.
Animal Quarantine No.
Herbarium No.
CommentGenome Information: PRJDB277 (NCBI BioProject).
Sequences16S rDNA
Shipping asGlass ampoule (L-dried)

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