Bifidobacterium infantis – JCM 1222

Bifidobacterium infantis

Bifidobacterium infantis

Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis (Reuter 1963) Mattarelli et al. 2008

Taxonomy in NCBI database: Bacteria; Actinobacteria; Actinobacteria; Actinobacteridae; Bifidobacteriales; Bifidobacteriaceae.

1222T <– ATCC 15697 <– G. Reuter S12.
Accessioned in 1982.
=ATCC 15697 =BCRC 14602 =BCRC 15416 =CCM 4990 =CCUG 18368 =CECT 4551 =CGMCC 1.1853 =CGMCC 1.2202 =CIP 64.67 =DSM 20088 =KCTC 3249 =KCTC 3270 =LMG 8811 =NCFB 2205 =NCTC 11817.
Type strain [110,596,7307].
Medium: 13, 19;  Temperature: 37°C; Anaerobic; Rehydration fluid: 663.

Source: Intestine of infant [110,3126,6034].
Biochemistry/Physiology: [3126,4424,5742,6034].
Cell wall: Orn-Ser-Ala-Thr [2925,3126].
Enzyme electrophoretic profile: [3126,4424].
G+C (mol%): 60.8 (Tm) [181].
DNA-DNA relatedness: [023,3126,6034].
Phylogeny: 16S rRNA (M58738), 16S rRNA gene (D86184).
DNA typing: RFLP pattern [4423], rRNA gene restriction pattern [4597], ribotyping [6034], RAPD-PCR [6034].
Other taxonomic data: Protein profile [1865]; MALDI-TOF MS [9230].
Taxonomy: [3126].
Genome sequence: AP010889 [8490], CP001095, JDTT00000000.
NCBI Taxonomy ID: 1682.
Genomic DNA is available from RIKEN BRC-DNA Bank: JGD 07464.

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Delivery category: Domestic, A or C; Overseas, A or C.

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