Azospirillum halopraeferens – NBRC 107772

Azospirillum halopraeferens – NBRC 107772
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Azospirillum halopraeferens

Azospirillum halopraeferens is a species of nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with the roots of Leptochloa fusca and black mangrove. It is microaerophilic and its type strain is Au 4 (= LMG 7108 =DSM 3675).

NBRC No.NBRC 107772
Scientific Name of this StrainAzospirillum halopraeferens Reinhold et al. 1987
Synonymous Name
Type Straintype
Accepted Date2010/12/14
Isolated Year
Deposited Year2010
HistoryNCIMB 13139 <- LMG 7108 <- B. Reinhold
Other Culture Collection No.ATCC 43709=LMG 7108=DSM 3675=BCRC 14284=NCIMB 13139
Other No.Au4
Rehydration Fluid954
Cultivation Temp.30 C
Oxygen Relationship
Source of IsolationRoots of kallar grass, Leptochloa fusca grown on salt-affected soils
Locality of SourcePunjab
Country of OriginPakistan
Biosafety Level
Mating Type
Genetic Marker
Plant Quarantine No.
Animal Quarantine No.
Herbarium No.
Shipping asGlass ampoule (L-dried)