Trichoderma hamatum – NBRC 31932

Trichoderma hamatum - NBRC 31932

Trichoderma hamatum

NBRC No. NBRC 31932
Scientific Name of this Strain Trichoderma hamatum (Bonorden) Bainier
Synonymous Name
Type Strain
Accepted Date 1985/09/10
Isolated Year
Deposited Year
History IFO 31932 <- IFO (T. Yokoyama, T. Yokoyama 5907-15-1) <- Fac. Agr., Kagawa Univ. (T. Tani)
Other Culture Collection No.
Other No. T.Yokoyama 5907-15-1
Rehydration Fluid 707
Medium 1
Cultivation Temp. 25 C
Oxygen Relationship
Source of Isolation Tuber, Ipomoea batatas
Locality of Source (WGS84) Kagawa
Country of Origin Japan
Biosafety Level
Mating Type
Genetic Marker
Plant Quarantine No.
Animal Quarantine No.
Herbarium No.
Condition for Utilization
Comment Former name: Trichoderma aureoviride until 2009
Sequences ITS-LSU rDNA D1D2
Shipping as Glass ampoule (L-dried)

Trichoderma hamatum is a species of fungus in the family Hypocreaceae. It has been used a biological control of certain plant diseases.

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