Yersinia enterocolitica – JCM 7577

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Yersinia enterocolitica - JCM 7577

Yersinia enterocolitica

JCM 7577

Yersinia enterocolitica subsp. enterocolitica (Schleifstein and Coleman 1939) Neubauer et al. 2000

Taxonomy in NCBI database: Bacteria; Proteobacteria; Gammaproteobacteria; Enterobacteriales; Enterobacteriaceae.

7577T <– R. Sakazaki 446 <– J. M. Coffey 33114 <– M. McIver and R. Pike.
Accessioned in 1989.
=ATCC 9610 =BCRC 13999 =CCM 7204 =CCUG 11291 =CCUG 12369 =CECT 4315 =CIP 80.27 =DSM 4780 =ICMP 15678 =LMG 7899 =NBRC 105693 =NCTC 12982 =NRIC 0819 =VTT E-97838.
Type strain [596].
Biosafety level 2.
Medium: 12;  Temperature: 30°C; Rehydration fluid: 663.

Source: Glanders-like infection of face [3142].
Biochemistry/Physiology: [3142].
Phylogeny: 16S rRNA (M59292), 16S rRNA gene (AF366378).
Taxonomy: [3142].
NCBI Taxonomy ID: 630.

Publication(s) using this strain [A10063].

Delivery category: Domestic, A or C; Overseas, A or C.

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