Streptomyces aburaviensis – NBRC 12830

Streptomyces aburaviensis – NBRC 12830
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Streptomyces sp

Streptomyces aburaviensis

NBRC No.NBRC 12830
Scientific Name of this StrainStreptomyces aburaviensis Nishimura et al. 1957
Synonymous Name
Type Straintype
HistoryIFO 12830 <- SAJ <- OWU (ISP 5033) <- H. Nishimura, SRL S-66
Other Culture Collection No.ATCC 23869=CBS 608.68=DSM 40033=JCM 4613=NRRL B-2218=RIA 1107=ISP 5033=AS 4.1469=BCRC 11617=CBS 280.60=CECT 3315=IFM 1083=JCM 4170=KCTC 9663=LMG 19305=RIA 732=VKM Ac-1868
Other No.KCC S-0613=IMET 43081
Rehydration Fluid707
Cultivation Temp.28 C
Source of IsolationSoil
Locality of SourceAburabi, Shiga
Country of OriginJapan
Biosafety Level
Mating Type
Genetic Marker
Plant Quarantine No.
Animal Quarantine No.
Herbarium No.
Sequences16S rDNA