Lactobacillus paralimentarius – NBRC 107152

Bacteria 2

Lactobacillus paralimentarius

NBRC No. NBRC 107152
Scientific Name of this Strain Lactobacillus paralimentarius Cai et al. 1999
Synonymous Name
Synonym: Lactobacillus bobalius
Lactobacillus kimchii
Type Strain type
History NCIMB 13723 <- JCM 10415 <- Y. Cai, TB 1
Other Culture Collection No. CCUG 43349=CIP 106794=DSM 13238=JCM 10415=LMG 19152=NCIMB 13723
Other No. TB 1
Rehydration Fluid 310
Medium 310
Cultivation Temp. 30 C
Source of Isolation Sourdough
Locality of Source
Country of Origin Japan
Biosafety Level
Mating Type
Genetic Marker
Plant Quarantine No.
Animal Quarantine No.
Herbarium No.
References 5912
Sequences 16S rDNA